Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am excited that you’re here, and I hope that you are blessed by this blog. It’s so exciting for me to share what I have been learning in God’s Word. When we dig deep into God’s Word, we find treasures that would have otherwise been missed, and I LOVE finding those nuggets. We also can find major encouragement in the pages of Scripture. As of the time of this writing, I am reading in the book of Ezekiel, and it has surprised me how much encouragement there is in this hard-to-read book. God wants us to search His Word so I invite you to join me, coffee in hand, and “study to show yourself approved.” May God bless you!

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Hi, I’m Akira. I’m a high school graduate looking to please God with my life. My desire is to write music and devotional content. I enjoy playing my instruments (violin and piano), singing, crafting, and baking. I also love classical music (especially Handel’s Messiah).  Read more

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